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Modern people often use smart-phones and facebook, instagram, twitter and the like to share glamorous selfies and carefully composed group photos. My purpose here is otherwise. I'm an old-fashioned gentleman-scholar who avoids such technology, and these photos through my adult life are here mainly for: 1) persons close to me, who'd like to see pieces of my past they don't know much about, and 2) others who are curious about how I grew into the present me.

little intro (2019)

At 18, I hitchhiked to India via Luxembourg, North Africa, and the Middle East, to study Asian religions from within. Ended up in Denmark afterwards (been there 47 years). At 28, was a Buddhist monk in Thailand a short while. Been all in all in 56 countries until now.

I changed my profession around every 3-5 years, most recent transformation was from free-lance lecturer to exhibiting my art photography and croquis drawings. Feel like I'm on an adventure every day by just living in a foreign country (rather funny, because I lived far fewer - only 21 - years in the USA).

I find ageing irritating, but try to find substitutes for what I lose. Best example: after my agile "free dancing" of the psychedelic era combined with soul and funk, I did African dancing for 3 years, and when it got too tough for my body, went to salsa the next 10 years, then to the much slower Argentian tango 5 years, and now to the ultra slow dance kizomba the past 6 years. But I'll still always do "free dance" when the chance arises - 'cause there Iím loosest and best.

Am a sort of free-lance intellectual, studying in depth the shifting subjects which inspire me. Am on an eternal "self-development & give something good to the world" trip. Like to travel and hike in nature. Follow my deep inspirations passionately through life.

Live half-time on a small island, 30 seconds from the quiet sand beach, and half-time in a city for the concentrated cultural and social opportunities there.

Am known as Jonah in Denmark (emerged from the whale at 33), but Ron to American old-timers. My chosen last name Ohayv means "love" (Hebrew verb, present tense, male speaker).


hip young adult life


early middle years

and later years

If not now, when?

Every day I walk half an hour along the local stretch of beach where I live, collecting types of seaweed, shells from varieties of snails and clams, abandoned crab skeletons, fish and bird bones, edible plants, and the like, and then study them a bit at home. I become more like the beach, in my yearning to live harmony with Nature. I refuse to stress. Daily practices including focused meditation, pescatarianism (vegetarian + oil-rich fish), and graceful Chinese exercises encourage me to feel harmony with the various types of streaming energy which arise in me and each of us, or which meet us in social situations.

For my big job for this life-period is to listen to my body's needs and to develop better social skills. Since childhood, as a defense I've routinely ignored most incoming info from my social antennas. Later embracing my position of outsider because I felt so different and painfully isolated. But now I'm consciously gradually remedying that. When I got strong praise in school for my mental abilities, I ignored the body, but am now trying to thoroughly rebalance physically.

Ageing and its attendant chronic disabilities forces the choice: act right and the cells get younger, or continue the same mistakes and physically degenerate fast. So my improvements are more from necessity than from much accumulated wisdom.

From age 13 on, I felt that the de facto values in America were a sinking ship. I speak here of everyday materialism, nationalism, discrimination, collective projection, believing the news is unbiased, that the movie themes are true, in making war, and in innate economic inequality. So it's no wonder I ended up in Denmark, with its half-socialistic system. Problem is, that Denmark also copies the American norms and modes more and more, so I recently moved from the mainland culture to a relaxed, charming Danish island. For how to react to humanity's world-wide, self-caused and self-destroying, quickly accelerating problems? Action talks: going along with the long-term-crazy life-style adds to the personal and collective burden; apathy runs one down; carrying the world on your shoulders breaks your back; so when upset, I join (or make) demonstrative campaigns in the obviously right (for us all) direction, while in daily practice trying to flow more with the endless outer and inner environments. Think globally, act locally. On the arm-chair side, I recommend www.avaaz.com - they specialize in efficiency.

During my life, I must have done something right which is blossoming - have progressively better couple relationships, two adult kids enthralled with me (two others ignore me), plenty of money, my best apartment ever, and the inner peace to now work with several levels of heavily limiting patterns which I sense I've had for a number of lives.

calling cards of the past 27 years (in reverse order) - see here