Nature Photos

From a few Travels

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Desert walks, Mountain bears, Tree wonders, Beach-art

Saguaro cacti (and me): Saguaro National Park

welcome cactus food (fruits with small thorns, and flowers): wandering all night in the Arizona desert

protecting my food from bears (Yosemite National Park brochure suggestion).....
but the mother's child climbed up, shook the branch above it downwards, and they got it all anyway

the mother's size (postcard photo)

root-systems growing down from branches later become new
supporting trunks of this giant tree-sort: postcards from Madeira park

Redwood murder 1933: postcard from Muir Woods National Monument

art from the beach: Edinburgh, Canary Islands, Miami

Carlsbad Caverns

(these photos are from the national park's brochure)


(above photos from brochures and postcards)

a mirroring lake in an underground volcanic corridor: Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

Grand Canyon

(these photos are from the national park's brochure)