Astronomy (photos and essays)

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(Most of these are taken from https://images.nasa.gov)

photos of "planetary nebula" formed by expulsions of gas and plasma from a decaying star

pause after the expulsion

spreading of material

gas formations

photos of diametrically opposite expulsions

photos of successive layers of expulsions

illustration of our Sun's relative position in the Milky Way

photos of spiral galaxies

a drawing of binary-star-system jets

photo of spiral galaxy jet

photo of elliptical galaxy jets

from a simulation of a black hole's wobble-system while ejecting jets

photo of the central black hole in an open star cluster (M87)

photos of galaxies feeding systems

Analytical Essays


1. The shape of the local Universe

Parts one and two of my article, "Specific crop-circles' forms and the shape of the local Universe".

2. 2 Thoughts about Black holes’ spacetime and jet-wobbles

Some thoughts inspired by among other sources, the above photos of jets from galactic centers.

And also by the simulation within Elana Glowatz’ article about a galaxy's central Black Hole’s wobble system, "Black Hole Burps Wiggle Around In Space Like Spinning Tops."

And further by Bruce Morton's diagram, from his overview article "Galactic Singularity Engine: Origin of Life".

3. Questioning the Speed of Light

4. The mind-blowing comparision of relative sizes in our own universe The Scale of the Universe, by Cary and Michael Huang.


5. Why are the full Moon and the Sun the same apparent size?